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Smug Store is one of the first UK plastic free stores. We’re based in Leeds and offer local delivery in the north Leeds area.

We founded Smug to make sure that plastic free and zero waste products were easier to get hold of in Leeds. Now hundreds of customers come to us for plastic free bathroom swaps, plastic free kitchen swaps, and eco friendly products for home and family. Some of our bulk cleaning products do have plastic bottles, but we’re slowly phasing these out and replacing them with concentrated, plastic free alternatives.

At Smug, we try hard to make sure that most of our stock is vegan. Although we don’t claim to be fully vegan (we’re vegetarian, and we’re trying our best!), we recognize the importance of plant based products.

In particular, we want to make sure that UK plastic free stores lead by example in being more sustainable. We don’t want to switch plastic for goods that are equally damaging to animals or wildlife.

Whether you’re looking for the best way to store and wrap food without plastic, or the best reusable gifts, we’re help to help. We pack all of our shipments without any plastic, and we try hard to reuse every box we can get our hands on. You can see real photos of our best-sellers on Instagram.

Don’t forget: UK postage is free when you place an order of £40 or more. Below that, we charge a £4 flat postage and packaging fee in the UK.