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Plastic Free July 20th: Kitchen sponge

The hunt for a decent plastic free kitchen sponge goes on, but I think I’m closing in on some good alternatives.

Maistic hemp sponges have a durable cloth outer layer with a plant based sponge inner, making them squishy but slightly textured.

This looks like a fairly rough scrubbing pad, but it isn’t a scourer. It’s similar to a sponge in texture and would be suitable for washing most things.

Take care not to put these hemp sponges in the washing machine. Most Maistic plastic free cloths can be chucked in with a normal load, but the packaging on this one advises that you put it in the dishwasher instead.

(I put one of mine in the washing machine just to test this out, and it all came unthreaded around the edges — it is still usable, but I think a second go might finish it off.)

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