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Plastic Free July 11th: Freezer Bags

It’s pretty easy to reduce single-use plastic in the kitchen. You can switch cling film for beeswax or bran wax wraps, and sandwich bags can be made of paper. But what about the freezer?

These plastic-free freezer bags were a bit of a no-brainer when I found them. They look, and behave, just like normal freezer bags, but they break down after around a year. It’s crazy to me that supermarkets aren’t selling these widely already.

Bags like this are prone to weakening if they’re exposed in warm or bright places, but stored in a drawer, they’re fine. And yeah — you don’t put broad beans in the freezer, so the pic doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I wanted to find something fairly heavy to demonstrate that they’re just as strong as normal plastic.

Seriously: why are we still buying old-fashioned plastic freezer bags when these are available?

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