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Plastic Free July 12th: Kitchen Storage

Plastic-free kitchen shelves look instantly Instagram-able, but I’m a big believer in using the plastic you have until it’s worn out. For many of us, this means slowly replacing kitchen plastic storage containers, rather than bulk-buying loads and chucking the plastic ones in the bin. Individual jars make good plastic box replacements for pasta, rice, cereal, or biscuits, and have the bonus of being easy to reuse and recycle.

These mason jars instantly spoke to me when I saw them on the Zero Waste Club website; they have real mason branding, plastic-free lids, and paper labels. They’re a nice, compact size to fit on a shelf without requiring a forklift to get them up there. And they all have names!

If you’re impatient like me, you could repurpose the ugly plastic containers somewhere else, and keep the prettiest glass storage for the kitchen shelf. I’ll be relegating a few plastic boxes to the fridge and freezer to make space for a few of these glass swaps.

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