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Plastic Free July 5th: Shower Puff

Shower puff, shower pouffe. Whatever you call it, the plastic shower scrubber has a lot to answer for. These bathroom horrors are a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew, meaning that they are always thrown out long before they’re worn out.

This article even suggests buying one plastic puff a week just to avoid the multiplying germs. Er, no, let’s not do that either.

This plastic-free shower puff is made from ramie fibre from East Asian flowering nettle plants, and it does a pretty good job of imitating a plastic scrubber. But when it’s wet, it turns into a very satisfying, exfoliating wash cloth. While it doesn’t have the bounce of its plastic cousin, it feels a lot more soothing on the skin.

It’s impossible to tear, too, so it won’t fall to bits and disappear down the plughole.

What about the bacteria? Easy — this fella is anti-bacterial by nature, and will resist mildew. You can chuck it in a warm wash when it starts to look mucky.

The company that makes this ramie shower puff has sponsored an orangutan, an elephant, and a tiger and has a strong stance against palm oil use. I think companies like that are worth supporting. Yep, this plastic free swap costs about five times as much as the plastic alternative, but I won’t have to chuck it away once a week because it’s dirty.

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