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Plastic Free July 7th: Deodorant

A deodorant that costs close to £10, like this Ben & Anna deodorant stick, is going to be considered a luxury item in most households.

But I honestly think that, eventually, plastic is going to be taxed. And when that happens, products like deodorant roll-ons will be extortionately expensive compared to the natural, plastic free alternatives.

Are Plastic Roll-Ons Too Cheap?

About 4 in 5 people buy deodorant weekly, and the roll-on type I’ve pictured contains a massive amount of plastic for its size. There’s the cap and the bottle, but also the large plastic ball which is basically impossible to separate from everything else. Inside, there is another layer of plastic to keep the liquid in.

Like a liquid soap dispenser, a roll-on deodorant is a good example of plastic packaging that is theoretically recyclable, yet very difficult to recycle in practice.

Not only that, I find that roll-ons stay wet for ages. Ben & Anna deodorant sticks are dry (like a very thick coconut butter), and come in a paper tube that pushes up to expose more of the deodorant inside.

Finally – a Natural Deodorant that Works

It’s difficult for me to ‘review’ a deodorant, given how much I dislike the wetness of roll-ons, and how much money I’ve wasted on powders that don’t do anything. Almost anything would be better than either of those.

Some of the natural ones that showed promise were packed in plastic, so those were out of the question this month too.

I have to say, though, that I tested this Ben & Anna deodorant over a warm July weekend and I was seriously impressed with it. The lime scent has a spicy or peppery bite to it, and when I caught a whiff of it through the day, it was actually pleasing and not revolting.

I did a lot of rushing around in 20 degree heat — carrying baby, car seat, and pram wheels — and I felt comfortable enough to go out in the evening.

The only thing I’d say is that this stick needs warming up before use, because you won’t get a whole lot from it if you try to apply it ‘cold’. It was also quite difficult to push up out of the tube at first, but warming it, and then pushing around the edges, helped to get it moving. (I’d rather it was a bit difficult to get out, as opposed to being too soft and mushy.)

Honestly, you really don’t need much of this, it smells amazing, and it does seem to work brilliantly. I’ve read other reviews online that said the same thing: in a crowded market of natural deodorants, this is the one to go for.

I’d be interested to hear what you think of this Ben & Anna plastic free deodorant; for me, this is a brilliant swap and perhaps the best one so far. 

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