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Plastic Free July 9th: Toothpowder

This plastic free swap is the first one that I found challenging, and I think it’s partly my fault. I went for the cinnamon flavour of this Ben & Anna toothpowder, when really, I should have opted for mint. (I’m not adventurous.)

But toothpowder is a nice product in its own right; it’s been used to clean teeth for thousands of years. It’s gently abrasive, and mild in flavour. Because of the way it’s used, one jar of this toothpowder could last you a couple of months, and without a single plastic tube going into the bin. 

I was impressed at how clean my teeth felt, although I’d go for a fresher flavour next time; this one does have a slight menthol tinge, but it’s pretty subtle. The bamboo applicator is cute, too; it takes a while to figure out how to get it into your brush, and not in the sink. It’s best to use a wet brush to pick up the powder from the spatula, rather than trying to use the spatula to tip it onto the bristles.

The glass jars look great in the bathroom and ensure that you aren’t throwing wasteful plastic tubes into landfill any longer. If you’ve not tried it yet, give it a go. I’ll be switching to a minty flavour.

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