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Plastic Free July 19th: Freezer Bags

Degradable freezer bags have, weirdly, been a runaway best seller on the Smug Store since we launched. It proves that eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives to plastic are in demand. It also shows just how bigger shops and supermarkets are failing to deliver answers to the problems that consumers have.

I’m personally surprised at how inexpensive the alternatives are; these D2w bags are in the same ball-park as ordinary freezer bags. They can also be reused, and have a usable lifespan of around a year. So really, if you take care of them, they’ll probably tear before they start to break down, making them pretty affordable.

The popularity of oxi-degradable plastic has steered us towards lots of other eco friendly plastic products. Alongside medium and large degradable freezer bags, we also now sell paper sandwich bags, pedal-bin-size degradable bin bags, and home compostable poo bags.

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