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Steel bottles, soap rests, steel straws!

New this week!

SOAP RESTS… Running out of space for all your solid shampoos and soaps? These soap rests allow your bar to dry out properly (essential to make them last longer) and are completely plastic free. Made from coconut, they compost or biodegrade when worn out, making them totally zero waste. Size 7x10cm. Boxed. £2.30

STEEL BOTTLES… I looked hard for a plain bottle that doesn’t compromise on looks or materials and settled on these beautiful bamboo-topped ones. The smaller one is dual walled and the large one is single walled. Great for water (the wide neck is big enough for ice), fruit infusions, or warm liquids. These feel genuinely gorgeous in the hand, free from inks and BPA, and come boxed with a handy loop for easy carrying. Small £15 large £19.50

CLEANSING GRAINS… 100% plastic free, natural and vegan, with a light oaty fragrance and gentle exfoliating texture. I’ve been testing these this week and they are amazing.. you only need a tiny amount each time! Glass bottle with metal lid and card insert. £12

DOT MAGAZINE… beautiful magazine for pre-schoolers. Issue 16 is about the Future! Printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks – free from ads. £5.50

STEEL SMOOTHIE STRAWS with cotton bag and plastic free vegan cleaning brush. £6.99 a set

PLASTIC PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE… a beautifully illustrated hardback book all about plastic: how it’s made, why we use it, and the consequences of using too much. This book brings home the plastic pollution problem in a fun but educational format that is ideal for kids aged 6-10. £11.99


All orders placed over the next few days will be processed on Tuesday, with local deliveries being made on Wednesday. 


I’m off on a city break and will be attempting to live as plastic free as possible for one weekend in the USA. See how I get on by following @wearesmug on Instagram and checking out our stories!

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