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Plastic Free 2020 here we come… a store update

First off: an apology. We’ve been out of sorts. My baby daughter got sick on Christmas Eve, and since then, a wave of viruses, bugs, coughs and colds have been raging. My poor daughter’s just gotten over chicken pox, and I think yesterday was the first day she’s been ‘well’ this year.

It has made things difficult, and Smug has fallen behind a little bit. But with this business and our other business Red Robot Media, we believe that family has to come first.

Change is Coming

As we battle the grim weather here in Leeds, we are looking ahead to 2020 and thinking of ways we can do more and work better.

So we have a few changes to announce.

5L Bottles – Now Local Orders Only

I like stocking 5L bottles of Bio D products so people can cut plastic and refill at home. Unfortunately, we have a huge issue with posting these items out. Few couriers take liquids, and the one that we generally use has been consistently unreliable. 

They have lost items, they have sent us compensation cheques payable to the wrong person, and they have delivered things to the wrong place only to then bill us three times the original fee to put it right.

We will continue to order 5L bottles for our local delivery customers on demand, but we won’t be putting them up for general sale any longer. As a small business, we are constantly up against firms like Amazon and try our best to provide alternatives. But in this case, I think we will have to admit defeat.

Posting & Delivery Changes

At Christmas, we shifted from signed-for deliveries to simple tracked postage. This seemed to be better for customers who didn’t want to queue at their local sorting office over the festive period. 

We’ve decided to continue this and will no longer use signed for services unless you pop a note on at checkout. Note that any item unsafe for under-18s will still have to be signed for.

Local deliveries are now taking place within 7 days, rather than on a fixed day of the week. This change is simply to make things more efficient, as we can deliver while we are going about our normal routine, rather than driving halfway to Bradford with a bar of soap!

Finally, any heavy items will now incur an additional fee to contribute towards courier costs. We are sorry about having to do this, but ultimately we’re at the mercy of the couriers and have to align with their fees to make the business viable. These new fees won’t affect you if you spend £29 or you qualify for local delivery.


We’re now a fully EV family! As such, all of our local deliveries are now ZERO EMISSION. We’ll also be collecting wholesaler orders in our electric vehicles when we can to further cut emissions. We can’t do this for everything, but we will always try to use our own EV for local deliveries & trips to the delivery office. As we use a renewable energy supplier, the first part of your order’s journey will be completely fossil fuel free!

Onwards & Upwards

We had a bumper Christmas and a great New Year, with so many new and supportive customers joining us on our plastic free & low waste journey. We’re sorry that January and early February has been a little bit bumpy, but we’re back on it now with some new products coming up for the new year, including candles, moisturisers, cleansers, and some new Turtle Bag colours!

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