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5 Easy Plastic Free Swaps for Your Kitchen (2020)

5 Easy Plastic Free Swaps for Your Kitchen 2020

Are you looking for some super easy plastic free swaps for your home? In this article, we’re going to look at 9 of our best selling favourite products and suggest easy ways to reduce plastic usage.

1. Plastic Free Kitchen Scrub Pads

Sick of using up plastic scourers and foam sponges? They’re the ultimate in environmentally unfriendly kitchen products, and usually have to be thrown away before they wear out because they become so unhygienic.

Fortunately, the humble coconut is here to save the day.

Coconut fibre is stiff and durable, so it’s the ideal material to tackle baked-on dirt in the kitchen or soap scum in the bathroom. Our favourite coconut-based scrub pads are these large Saffix pads for kitchen and bathroom.

Plastic free scrub pads

Each pad measures 10cm x 15cm and is tough enough to use for a few months if cleaned after each use. The pads are made from coconut fibre bound with natural glue, making them environmentally friendly and safe to use around the home.

When the pad breaks down, you can pop it in your black bin or compost it at home. You don’t need a hot or industrial composter for this.

2. Compostable Bin Bags

Home compostable bin bags are handy if you want to store food waste while you’re waiting for the food waste collection. You can also use them to pop garden waste into a bag that you can easily dispose of, or to line a caddy for food waste that’s destined for the compost bin.

A few brands are now making these bags in different sizes and quantities.

For example, at Smug we have 3 easy swaps:

All of these bags have the Vincotte OK-Compost logo to certify that they will break down in your home compost bin.

We’ve tried all of these brands and can confirm that they break down safely and quickly.

Watch out for non-compostable bags that have to be hot composted or industrially composted – most homeowners don’t have the facilities for this.

3. Solid Washing Up Liquid Bars

Solid washing up liquid is a really easy plastic free kitchen swap. And when you think about it, making the switch from shampoo to solid shampoo was easy enough – so it makes sense to ditch plastic in the kitchen too.

This 200g solid washing up bar from the Zero Waste Club has a coconut oil base and is 100% vegan.

You could also swap to the plastic free, vegan No Tox Life solid washing up bar, made from Quillaja Saponaria, also known as the South American ‘soap bark’ tree.

Just like natural soap, solid washing up bars need to be stored in a dry place away from humidity and steam. Consider using your plastic free washing up bar with a soap bag to help it lather; the soap bag also makes it really easy to hang your bar up to dry between uses.

These solid washing up bars are great for camping trips, weekends away, or just for reducing the amount of plastic you use in the kitchen.

4. Beeswax-Free Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps are a clever way to preserve food in the fridge without using cling film. But what about the vegan alternative?

Fortunately, there are also a plastic free vegan food wraps for those who prefer to avoid animal products in the kitchen.

At Smug, we have 2 varieties of easy plastic free vegan wraps:

These are an easy plastic free kitchen swap if you want to avoid plastic tubs and cling film. Once your wraps reach the end of their usable life, they can be composted at home safely too.

5. Concentrated Cleaning Refill Drops

We’re going to finish up with one of our all-time favourite plastic free kitchen swaps – an easy alternative to getting your refills from the refill shop.

Ocean Saver refill drops are plastic free and plant-based. Each tiny box makes 750ml of eco-friendly household cleaner.

What’s more, these products are very inexpensive and can be mixed in bottles you already have at home.

If you’re struggling to get to the refill drop during COVID-19, or you just find refilling and carrying bottles a challenge, these refill drops are a great solution. Easy, plastic free refills that you can do in your own kitchen just by dissolving the sachet in warm water.

Your Favourite Easy Plastic-Free Kitchen Swaps

What’s your favourite easy plastic-free swap for the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Plastic Free Swaps for Your Kitchen (2020)

  1. Great advice from Smugstore. For the kitchen I love my coconut scourers, they are great for washing up. Also I buy the 5l washing up liquid and do my own refills at home, officially not plasticfree but does save on all those small bottles. For the bathroom my favourite swap is to soap, it’s cost effective and my skin feels great, it’s such an easy swap. Finally another favourite Is my reusable wipes for my kids, this one has saved me so much money as I never need to buy wipes again.

  2. We swapped to corn starch compostable poo bags a couple of years ago. They are stronger than some poo bag brands but have no plastic and break down fully. Thankfully they take a month or so after being used to breakdown unless you leave them in water.

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