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Update for Customers – October 2020

As we move into winter, and potentially more lockdowns, we’re publishing this update to keep you informed about our deliveries and potential changes to the way we work.

We’ve been struggling recently with a couple of isolation periods, as well as keeping on top of our ‘main’ jobs. It’s difficult for us to also keep on top of Smug orders, but so far we’ve managed.

Right now, we are homeschooling one of our children again due to school closures. So to ease the pressure slightly, we are making a few changes starting from today.

  • We will be using a mixture of Royal Mail and DHL to send parcels going forward. This will allow us to post items contact-free using parcel mailboxes, which is safer and easier to manage while Covid restrictions are in place.
  • We will be posting items once a week only. While this will result in some delays, it will dramatically reduce the amount of trips we have to make to busy places. We feel this is the most responsible thing to do.
  • We will replenish stock only when we have a few people waiting. One of our main wholesalers has increased their minimum order value, which basically makes it unaffordable for us to order items in on-demand any more. If you are interested in buying something that is out of stock, please register your email address and we will take note of the items that are requested most.
  • From this point on, when we run a sale, items that are in the sale won’t be eligible for return unless they are faulty.
  • Local delivery will only be available if you can nominate a contact-free drop-off point. We’re going to suspend deliveries that require us to knock on doors.

We’d like to thank the vast majority of customers who have worked with us during a very difficult time. We have had a couple of unpleasant emails recently. Irrespective of the circumstances, this isn’t OK. Please be nice!