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Gift Cards Available – We are Temporarily Closed

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, we are suspending all postal and local deliveries. If you recently placed an order, it has now been refunded.

Gift cards are now available starting at £5. You will be able to redeem your gift card when we are open again.

Please do not add any other items to your cart when you purchase a gift card as you may not be able to check out.

Stay safe everyone and thanks for your support.

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NEW IN… Plastic Free Multivitamins: Vegan, Plant Based & Gluten Free!

I’m VERY excited to announce that we have some brand new, plastic free multivitamins that are also vegan/ veggie, gluten free, and entirely plant based. With 19 vitamins and minerals, these quality multivitamins come in a cork pot that can be refilled, and packed in a card outer box.

It’s so difficult to find vegetarian and vegan multivitamins, and if you’re veggie/ vegan yourself, you’ve probably spent ages looking through ingredients on cheap multivitamins trying to find tablets and tablets without gelatine or lactose.

I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on these brand new plastic free tablets.

Each pack contains 60 multivitamin tablets and costs £29.50.

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Solid Washing Up Bars: Now in Smaller Sizes

Our washing up bars are a great plastic free replacement for washing up liquid in plastic bottles. A 230g bar lasts around 6 months, but it’s also quite an investment if you’ve not used a solid washing up bar before, so we’re pleased to be able to add an affordable 155g size as well.

All washing up soap bars are vegan and eco friendly – you can use your left over dishwater to water your plants!

See all of our solid washing up bars here.

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New Plastic Free Cleaning Cloths – Support Wildlife Affected By the Australian Bush Fires

We’ve been selling these wonderful compostable & plastic free cleaning cloths for a while now, and they’ve been really popular.

EcoLiving has now brought out a brand new set of designs featuring Australian wildlife. 10% of the profits from the wildlife set will be donated to WIRES in Australia, an organisation helping to save animals affected by the bush fires.

Each pack of 4 cloths costs £7. The cloths are made from cellulose and cotton with water-based prints and can be hme composted once they reach the end of their life.

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Scrub Away Dead Skin With a 100% Compostable Coconut Scrub Pad

Saffix coconut products are truly amazing: durable, affordable, and compostable too. This scrub pad is hard-wearing and designed to exfoliate the areas of the body where hard skin builds up, like the heels and knees. At the end of its life, the whole pad can be composted in any home compost bin.

The best thing is that these amazing pads cost just £2 each!

Pick up this affordable addition to your plastic free bathroom with your next order. We have lots of these in stock, but if they’re anything like the other Saffix products we sell, they’ll disappear pretty quickly!

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Grab a Turtle Bag in the Brand New YELLOW Colourway

I’ve just restocked our stash of Turtle Bags, which I know will please lots of you who have ordered multiple colours in the past.

First off, we have the brand new YELLOW bag which is a perfect spring addition!

We now have more stock of the following bags:

  • Natural string bag – short handle
  • Natural string bag – long handle
  • Aquamarine string bag – short handle.

Turtle Bags are £6 for the long-handled type and £5 each for the ones with short handles.

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Plastic Free Baby & Nipple Balm, 100% Natural

We’ve got just four jars of this gorgeous Valley Mist natural baby balm up for grabs. Made with almost entirely organic ingredients, this gentle balm is free from ingredients that can irritate newborn skin.

This would make a really nice gift for a new mum as part of a plastic free care package, or a nice treat for yourself if you’re putting together a few treats for when your baby arrives.

Grab a jar now for just £9.