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Plastic Free July 4th: Dental Floss

Posted by Claire Broadley Dixon on

Ordinary dental floss is made from nylon, a material that is extremely difficult to break. That's why dental floss poses a huge problem for animals that find themselves entangled in it.

That's before you even get started on the plastic dispenser and the plastic blister packaging.

Georganics' minty dental floss is made from Ahimsa cruelty free silk that is sustainably sourced. It is packed in glass with a metal cutter, making it entirely plastic free. You can also buy refills to avoid unnecessary packaging.

Plastic free dental floss

The wax on the floss is candelilla wax, not beeswax, and the box is compostable card.

This is another very easy swap for me. Dental floss lasts ages, and I've always felt it was very overpackaged. The peppermint essential oil on this floss also smells much nicer than the traditional version.

(Note that the black (charcoal) version of this floss isn't plastic free, and therefore not compostable.)



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