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Imagine if every adult on the planet stopped buying products in plastic. 

How much difference could we make, collectively?

There is currently an island made entirely of plastic, bigger than Great Britain, floating in the Pacific. 

How many plastic islands will there be by the time our kids are grown?

We believe that going plastic free, or buying more eco-friendly products, is not a case of being perfect, or making every single change overnight.

Tackling one problem at a time is better than doing nothing at all, and that's where we want to help.

About Us

Smug Store sells cruelty-free, low waste products. 

We believe that reducing our use of plastic would be easier if plastic free products were readily available in supermarkets.

If they won't change, we will.

We are here to help you make simple swaps to plastic free, vegan, recycled, and reusable products.

Smug is intended to be an ironic name for our store. Going plastic free isn't about perfection. There are lots of changes still to make in our own lives, and we aren't running this store because we have everything sorted. We try to be mindful, but we can always be better.

That's why hope to approach plastic free products with a non-judgemental attitude. If everyone made a change, shops would listen much more carefully than they are now.

And it's those big changes - shops, hotels, businesses, factories - that will come about when we stop buying plastic and shift our attention to sustainable alternatives.


Where We Are

We are based in Cookridge, which is a small village in LS16, north Leeds. We don't have a physical store, but we have a mailbox that you can send things to.

We're trialling a local delivery service where we deliver free to surrounding postcode areas (LS16, LS18 and LS19), including Horsforth, Yeadon, Holt Park, Adel, and Bramhope. These deliveries are being tested out on Mondays.

All remaining areas are covered by courier. 

We hope to launch a refill store and pick-up point in Horsforth within the next few months. 

Why We Don't 'Push' Ecover and Method

Ecover and Method were bought out by SC Johnson in 2017. SC Johnson is known to test on animals. We're disappointed that Ecover is now part of that family. So while we will order in Ecover/ Method on request, there are several high quality, cruelty free brands like Bio D and Ecoleaf that we recommend as an alternative.