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Gorgeous Conditioner

This is the first time I've used an Argan oil product. The smell is gorgeous and it easily works into a creamy conditioner. I've been using coconut conditioner bars til now, but this is so much richer. I leave it on for 5 minutes before combing through and rinsing. My hair is soft and silky. I love it.

Good little bags

This is my second order of these food bags. They are nice and strong. A good size. And half the price of the supermarket branded bags that I was buying. Much stronger than the supermarket bags too.

Shampoo bar

I like this bar. It behaved as expected and seems to suit my hair type which is normal. Slightly disappointed that it doesn’t smell as nice as I was expecting; it has a very gentle, pleasant fragrance.

Amazing natural soaps!

The grapefruit and mandarin soap smells really good and doesn't react with my sensitive skin.


Owning a number of Mason jars but struggling to find any 750ml ones and then I found Smug!! Great recycled jars, great price, great customer service.

Benevo Poo bags

I have been using these poo bags for my dogs for about 1 year now. These are fully compostable as they are corn starch. Don't leave them lying outside though as creepy crawlies do like to eat them. The bags are a good size. They are strong, never had any that burst or leak. They are more expensive than non-biodegradable and even biodegradable bags but these do actually break down in a reasonable amount of time. We have tried other corn starch poo bags that were as good as these but are either half as much again or double the cost. I don't intend on trying to find another brand of poo bag.

Love The Printed Peanut!

This bar soap is not at all harsh like some other charcoal washes that I've tried. It leaves skin squeaky clean, but not dry. I really like The Printed Peanut soap range.

Good Non Bio Liquid

Works well at low temperatures. I do almost all our washing at 30 degrees and just add a little extra laundry liquid for heavier soiling. The smell is nice, not overpowering, and I much prefer to buy in these larger bottles to reduce waste.
My daughter and my dad react to certain detergents and there have been no flare ups since switching to this.

Lovely lather

This shampoo bar smells gorgeous and easily works into a lovely smooth lather. I've been using shampoo bars for nearly a year now, and my hair is in much better condition. It lasts for ages too, making it much cheaper than nasty plastic bottles.
It took me a while to get used to the difference in the texture of my hair, and for my natural oils to take hold again, having been stripped away by years of bottled shampoo. But after a month my hair developed natural softness. Love it. And will never go back to the bottled stuff.


Handy tin

Great shampoo bar

This shampoo bar lathers up really well and lasts for a really long time without going soggy and disintegrating. It has a pleasant smell without being overpowering leaving your hair feeling very clean. I will continue to use this product as it means that I don’t have to continually buy plastic bottles of shampoo with substances I don’t want to put on my hair.

Smell great!

These were a present so I haven't used them but they smell great, and good value for money.

Lovely colours

Bought several as presents and kept one for me!


Beautiful as always


I bought this product in my quest to go plastic free and use less chemicals. (I currently use beauty Kubes in place of
Shampoo) However, I’m very disappointed with this conditioner powder. The powder is not easy to use, and I can’t seem to make a decent paste out of it. It left my hair very tangly and difficult to comb out, the opposite I would hope for in a conditioner! Needless to say I won’t be buying again.

Bamboo toothbrush travel case

The case holds the bamboo toothbrush very well and whilst wider than the plastic case I previously had it still fits nicely into my toiletries bag.

Moisturising with a subtle smell.


Nourishing Christmassy warmmmig soap yum!


I read a lot of weird reviews about these disintegrating throughout the day and being uncomfortable, but personally I have no idea how that could have happened! These are sooo comfortable and they biodegrade so obviously that’s great too. They are a lot bigger than your average plastic-laden pads, but it’s just because they are layered with organic materials. Awesome purchase as always thank you Claire!


This tape was just what I needed for my Christmas wrapping. It worked just like normal tape and looked fantastic with my brown paper. I got two rolls and they are going to last me ages!

Friendly Soap Travel Soap Bar - For Body, Hair & Clothes

Collapsible straws

Very nice

Great Bin Bags

These bin bags are very strong and fit my under sink bin perfectly. If only they had tie handles they’d be five star!

Good product, shame about the postage

The products I ordered are great but the postal charge for a small order was excessive. I'll look elsewhere next time.