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Plastic Free Shampoo

Showing 1–12 of 18 results

Showing 1–12 of 18 results

Plastic free shampoo used to be tricky to get hold of, but more brands are coming around to the need to reduce plastic waste. All of the solid shampoo bars in our range are vegan friendly, and many have a luxurious coconut oil base for extra softness.

The most popular UK plastic free shampoo is the solid shampoo bar, a block of shampoo that looks like ordinary soap. It’s easy to use a solid shampoo bar once you get used to the idea that it won’t later up as much as shampoo from a bottle.

If you prefer a more compact alternative, try our Beauty Kubes shampoo cubes. These look a little bit like crumbly sugar cubes and turn into shampoo when you run water over them. Perfect for travel – now you don’t need to carry a wasteful, heavy plastic bottle in your luggage.

Solid shampoo can be massaged onto the hair directly, or you can work it into a slight lather in your hands. Most brands are great for all hair types, although we recommend that you don’t use it if you have coloured hair. If you choose Beauty Kubes, you’ll find the hair types listed on the box.

We sell a range of solid shampoo that’s SLS free, and all of our plastic free shampoo also has plastic free packaging. Solid shampoo normally comes in a cardboard box that you can easily recycle or even compost along with your garden waste.

Smug has everything you need for a truly vegan friendly, plastic free bathroom. When you pick up a shampoo bar, don’t forget to pick up a plastic free conditioner bar to match! When you cut single use plastic, you’ll generate so much less waste in the bathroom.

You might also want to pick up a soap pouch for your solid shampoo bar; these help to keep your solid shampoo dry, and can also help them to make more bubbles.