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Plastic free toothpaste

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results

Are you looking for plastic free toothpaste? It’s very difficult to recycle plastic toothpaste tubes, so switching to a zero waste toothpaste is a good way to transition to a more eco friendly bathroom.

Our range includes toothpaste tablets, which we sell both with and without fluoride. Toothpaste tablets come in a metal tin, but you can also get them in a big refill pack that’s wrapped in compostable plastic and card. The fluoride version of these vegan toothpaste tablets offer the same amount of fluoride as non-eco friendly brands.

We also have toothy tablets in a glass jar with fruity flavours – great for kids.

If you don’t like to chew toothpaste tablets, we also have non-foaming vegan toothpaste in a glass jar. This is more like a solid toothpaste, and it’s a great option if you prefer fluoride free toothpaste that produces fewer bubbles than regular toothpaste.

We love helping people with plastic free bathroom swaps. Don’t forget to pick up a few bamboo toothbrushes as well!