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Plastic Free Christmas Gifts

Showing 1–12 of 66 results

Showing 1–12 of 66 results

Plastic free Christmas gifts used to be difficult to find. But at Smug, we keep an eye out for eco-friendly alternatives all year round! This year, it’s easier than ever to reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate over the festive season.

Plastic Free Gifts and Bundles

Our gift range includes fully recyclable zero waste gifts like safety razors with 100% recyclable blades. They’re supplied ready to wrap in card gift boxes with no plastic packaging.

Our natural and handmade solid shampoo bars are also great plastic free gifts for the office Secret Santa; mix and match with the solid conditioners that are palm oil free.

Encourage friends and family to ditch plastic water bottles with a stylish new steel bottle. Shole bottles come in card tubes, and Bambaw ones are packed in kraft boxes. To keep drinks cold (or hot), the dual-layer bottles are awesome.

And don’t forget the tableware! We have metal, bamboo, and silicone straws so you can ditch the plastic straws for good.

Vegan Plastic Free Gift Ideas

In the vegan-friendly plastic free gifts category, you’ll find handy soya and nut oil food wraps that can be easily composted – a great prezzie for the zero waste eco friendly person in your life, and a plant based alternative to beeswax wraps. And if you’re after stocking fillers, take a look at our organic cotton reusable face pads for removing makeup, or a trendy Turtle Bag in a choice of colours.

Plastic Free Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping got easier too. We have 2 different types of Christmas paper tape that will adhere to paper gift wrap, brown parcel paper, or recycled wrapping paper.

Get the kids to spruce it up a bit with some painty potato prints or stampers and paper stickers! It’s a fun way to reduce the environmental impact of wrapping paper, which is often non-recyclable.

Making your own gift wrap with kraft paper is super fun, and a lot less wasteful than buying a gift box or bag that will be thrown away.

100% Plastic Free Packaging

We don’t post out our orders in single use plastic, so your recycling bin won’t be choking with packaging. We only use tissue and recyclable paper padding, and most of our boxes are second hand – so we’re saving trees too.

Eco friendly zero waste products will really make a difference to your family’s plastic waste footprint this year. Check out our range of gift ideas and make it a plastic free, zero waste Christmas!