Solid Dog Shampoo – Unperfumed


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  • Plastic free
  • Suitable for dogs & horses
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • 12 month shelf life

The Dog and I have come up with a great plastic free dog soap, with just 3 ingredients. It is also suitable for horses too.

You can use this soap for any breed except Cockerpoos (unless their fur is very short).

To use, just rub the bar directly onto the fur to create a coconut oil lather. If your dog is very dirty you can cut the soap into chunks to avoid getting the whole bar muddy.

This soap is designed to be long-lasting. For a small dog like a terrier type, you’ll get about 50 washes from a 100g bar. 

This unperfumed bar can also be used on cats – don’t use the perfumed ones on cats, since they contain essential oils.

Keep dry between uses. 

Packaging: card.


The Dog and I

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