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  • Plastic free shower sponge
  • Vegan & plant based
  • Exfoliating
  • Compostable

This strong, sustainable plastic free wash cloth naturally resists the horrid black mildew that usually defeats plastic shower puffs.

It helps your solid soaps to go further, and foam more.

Ramie is a sustainable, plastic free alternative to synthetic wash cloths for the bathroom. It’s crocheted from fibre spun from Urticaceae, a species of nettle plant sometimes called ‘grass linen’ or ‘ramie’ that’s native to East Asia. Produced ethically with consideration to animals and workers, this product is vegan, palm oil free, and should last for ages because it won’t tear.

We love this product because it’s natural, free of packaging, and great value for money. It also has a gentle exfoliating effect, and has a handy hanging loop. If your sponge becomes discoloured or begins to show signs of mildew, a nice hot wash in soapy water (or the washing machine) will bring it back to life.

Each shower cloth comes without wrapping or tags and measures around 12cm in diameter.

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