Humble Dental Floss – Lemon


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  • Vegan
  • Card dispenser
  • Teflon free
  • Natural wax coating

If you want to cut plastic waste, but you don’t want to use silk flosses, here’s a good alternative. Humble floss comes with a card dispenser and is free from artificial wax and Teflon. It also doesn’t have any coatings derived from animal ingredients.

This lemon floss comes on a 50 metre roll.

Nylon floss breaks down after around 80 years in landfill. While nylon is technically recyclable, few facilities currently exist, so please don’t put this floss into your green bin or compost. If you plan to reuse it, it can be washed and used as twine for holding your plants in the garden.

Ingredients: nylon, candella wax, natural xylitol

Packaging: card.


The Humble Co.

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