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Plastic Free Christmas Tape

Plastic Free Christmas Tape - Red


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Plastic free Christmas tape is here! Now you can wrap even the plainest presents with this 100% recyclable washi tape for Christmas.

If there’s one thing we hate about Christmas, it’s filling the household bin full of non-recyclable wrapping paper, all stuck together with plastic sticky tape. With this paper Christmas tape, you can be sure that all of your gift wrap can go in the household recycling bin where it belongs.

Plastic Free Christmas Tape: Product Details

This paper tape has a red ‘Merry Christmas’ design. It’s made in the UK by Eco Boy, who have very kindly rushed us some rolls just in time for the big day!

And for speedy last-minute gift wrapping, this tape is self adhesive and requires no water to activate it.

Ready for more paper tape?

Will this tape stick eco friendly wrapping paper?

Yes! This tape looks amazing with plain recycled paper or Kraft paper wrap, or to seal the back of your Christmas cards. You can also use it to stick together your gifts wrapped with maps or recycled magazines, and not a plastic ribbon in sight.

We’re planning to get potato printing some Santa shapes to make our own paper this year!

Paper tape won’t stick plastic very well, but that’s just another good reason not to buy foil or plastic paper and stick to the eco-friendly alternatives.

How long is the roll of Christmas paper tape?

Each roll is a massive 50m long! It’s 25mm wide, which is about the same width as normal sticky tape. But there’s no single use plastic to be found here!

Is this paper tape vegan?

Yes, this paper tape is vegan. It’s also:

  • 100% recyclable Christmas washi tape
  • Self adhesive (no sponges or water to mess with)
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Made in the UK

Will my paper tape arrive in time for Christmas?

Yes! Please make sure you place your order by midnight on 20th December. We send out paper tape using Royal Mail tracked services so you can trace its progress and make sure you catch the postie in time for the big day! You’ll find the delivery charges on our Delivery page.



Eco Boy

Plastic Free Christmas Tape - Red

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