Loofco Plastic-Free Cleaning Pad – Compostable


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  • Plastic free kitchen cleaning pad
  • Natural scourer
  • Zero waste & compostable
  • Cotton hanging loop.

This hand made, plastic-free cleaning pad is a zero waste, plastic free alternative to kitchen and bathroom cloths or sponges that can be chucked on your compost heap once it’s worn out.

It’s also a best-seller, proving that there is a huge demand for zero waste cleaning products.

With this pad, you can tackle taps, tiles, and food prep areas without adding to the global plastic pollution problem. Made from natural loofah, this cleaning pad won’t scratch your crockery or surfaces, and can be used anywhere in the home.

Just dunk it in water and it’ll plump up a bit. Once the pad’s worn out, it’s compostable as it’s made entirely from the marvellous loofah plant.

  • Contents: One handmade pad measuring 10cm x 10cm, with a cotton hanging loop for easy drying and storage.
  • Packaging: Card

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