Silicone Drinking Straws with Bag & Cleaning Brush


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  • Plastic free silicone
  • Washable, recyclable & reusable
  • Food grade & dishwasher safe
  • Normal or extra-wide smoothie size
  • With plastic free brush and bag

We’ve been looking around for reusable straws that are safe for toddlers and kids, and we think these multicoloured plastic free straws are the perfect answer.

Made from silicone, these straws are suitable for hot or cold drinks and can be washed with the rest of your dishes. Use the plastic free cleaning brush included in the pack to clean out any particles from the inside.

Once your straws have worn out (many years from now), or if they are damaged, return them to EcoLiving who will recycle them through TerraCycle.

The pack also comes with an organic cotton storage bag.

The normal straws have an internal diameter of 5mm, and the smoothie size have an internal diameter of 9mm.

Please don’t chew the straws as it may split or weaken the silicone.

  • Contents: 6 multicoloured silicone straws (normal 5mm internal diameter, or smoothie 9mm internal diameter), 1 plastic free cleaning brush, organic cotton bag.
  • Packaging: card envelope with string fastener.



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