Recycled Card Cotton Buds – Box of 100


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  • Plastic free Q tips
  • Biodegradable & zero waste
  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled packaging

These plastic free, zero waste cotton buds are made from organic cotton tips with a recycled FSC certified card stick, making them totally biodegradable.

The sticks are made without any new natural resources being required – ideal if you want the most eco-friendly option when buying Q-tips.

The packaging is recycled card without any plastic windows.

This is a Fair Trade product.

EcoLiving are one of our favourite brands; we receive all deliveries from them without plastic packaging and we admire their ethical status and amazing attention to detail when developing eco-friendly, plastic free products.

  • Contents: 100 Q-tips/ swabs
  • Packaging: recycled card.



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