Solid Dog Soap on a Rope – Citronella & Peppermint


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  • Plastic free
  • Coconut oil based
  • Suitable for almost all breeds
  • 12 month shelf life

This coconut oil soap is designed for dogs who enjoy coming home covered in their favourite smells. Lemongrass and citronella help to gently repel creepy crawlies while mint freshens up the fur. There’s less essential oil in this soap compared to human soaps, but it still smells fresh and clean.

The Dog & I soap is suitable for sensitive skin and can be chopped up into chunks to avoid wastage. To use, just rub the bar directly onto the fur to create a lather. Store in a dry place.

Suitable for all breeds and fur types except Cockerpoos. For a small dog like a terrier type, you’ll get about 40 washes from a 200g bar. You can use this on horses too, but not cats. The unscented version is cat-safe.

This soap is also available as a 100g bar.

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The Dog and I

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