Stainless Steel Funnel for DIY Refills – Small


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  • Plastic free refill funnel
  • Suitable for foods & cleaning products
  • Stainless steel
  • Fits bottles up to 1.6cm


Stainless steel funnel for easy refilling of bottles around the home. Ideal if you want to go totally plastic free and avoid a pump.

Each funnel measures 13cm diameter and the opening at the bottom measures 1.6cm across, making it ideal for detergent bottles, shampoos, liquid hand soaps etc. The exit spout measures 3.5cm in height.

Each funnel has a loop on the side which you hold while you refill. This can also be used as a hanging loop.

Please don’t use this funnel with any products containing chlorine (bleach). We suggest purchasing separate funnels for different products.

Please note: some funnels have minor indentations. These don’t detract from the functionality of the funnel.

  • Contents: 1 funnel
  • Packaging: none



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