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The Tickle Tots all in two nappy could be called a hybrid nappy. Still doesn’t make much sense? No worries: it’s a nappy that has a separate outer shell and absorbent pads, which means that you can separate the two pieces and wash them separately.

The main benefit of this type of nappy is that the shell can be used for two changes, as long as it doesn’t have poo on it; just buy a few spare boosters and swap them. It also means you can always have boosters drying while others are in the wash, which is handy as well.

The boosters in this nappy are made of mambo with ‘suede’ cloth (not real suede). There are no microplastics being shed here, since there’s no microfleece. Hoorah.

Please note that the colours of this nappy are a little bit less vivid than they are in this photo.


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