Turtle Bags Organic Cotton String Bag – Blush Pink, Long Handle


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  • Plastic free produce bag
  • Strong & compact
  • Long handle 
  • Blush pink colour

This pale pink Turtle Bags long handle bag is a strong, light and easy to carry bag for shopping, travel, baby gear and more.

The cotton used to make these bags is certified organic under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Which? magazine tested Turtle Bags and found them to be extremely strong and durable, with more than enough strength to hold heavy shopping or produce.

Why Turtle Bags? Turtles mistake floating plastic bags for their favourite food — jellyfish. Turtle Bags’ mission is to cut the amount of plastic bags in our oceans. Ditch the bags for life, and pocket this versatile bag that will never let you down on a trip to the market.

GOTS ensures that the people making these bags work in safe conditions and are paid an agreed minimum wage.

  • Contents: 1 bag with long handles
  • Packaging: Card


Turtle Bags

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