Turtle Bags Organic Cotton String Bag – Bottle Green, Short Handle


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  • Plastic free net bag
  • Holds 40kg 
  • Short handles
  • ‘Strong and durable’ – Which? magazine

Which? magazine says that Turtle Bags are ‘extremely strong and durable’, making them ideal for shopping when you need to carry heavy fruit and veg.

Use these bags in place of the thin plastic bags that supermarkets typically dole out in the grocery section.

By switching from plastic to cotton, you’re reducing the likelihood that your plastic produce bag ends up in the sea where it could be eaten by a hungry turtle pal.

Each bag could hold up to 40kg, assuming you wanted to try and carry 40kg of veg in one hand!

This bag comes in a deep green colour and has short handles that are great for carting produce around your local market. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies both the organic cotton in the bags and the working conditions thaat they are made in.

  • Contents: 1 bag with short handles
  • Packaging: Card


Turtle Bags

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