Turtle Bags Organic Cotton String Bag – Natural, Long Handle


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  • Plastic free organic cotton bag
  • 40kg capacity
  • Long handles
  • Natural colour

If you’re one of those people that constantly forgets to pick up a bag on their way out of the house, a plastic free net bag is the ideal solution to help you change your ways.

Strong and durable (according to Which? magazine), Turtle Bags also happen to roll up really small — so you can easily stick one in the glovebox of your car, or the pocket in your work bag, and never be caught short without a carrier again.

Turtle Bags are designed for carrying fruit and veg, although you can use them for anything. Their open mesh design makes them good for the fridge, so you can bring your packed lunch to work in one and keep everything together. Long handles make this bag easy to carry or sling around the handles of a pushchair or wheelchair. (Short handled Turtle Bags are available elsewhere in our store.)

We all have a responsibility to use less plastic while shopping, and Turtle Bags help to ensure that fewer plastic bags get into our oceans where turtles mistake them for jellyfish and tragically eat them. GOTS certification ensures that all of these bags are ethically produced and genuinely organic.

These bags can hold up to 40kg of shopping, and the net design makes them breathable and great for fruit and veg. They roll up to a very small size for easy carrying, and you can stick the bag and its contents in the fridge to keep everything tidy.

This bag comes in a neutral and natural colour. Other colours are available – just search for Turtle Bags and you’ll find them.

  • Contents: 1 bag with long handles
  • Packaging: Card


Turtle Bags

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