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Benevo Biodegradable Poo Bags


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  • Biodegradable, plant based poop sacks
  • PETA certified - not tested on animals
  • 22 cm (8") x 33 cm (13")
  • Fragrance free

Biodegradable plastic poo bags help to reduce your dog's carbon 'paw-print' and reduce his or her impact on the environment. Because they're compostable, they will naturally break down once the poop is scooped.

Benevo is a shortened version of the word 'benevolent', which tells you everything you need to know.

These poo bags are suitable for commercial composting and home composting, although it's not usually a good idea to put poo into a compost bin.

  • Contents: 15 bags per roll, 8 rolls in the box; recycled card inners
  • Packaging: Recycled and recyclable card printed with water based ink

Customer Reviews

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Benevo Poo bags

I have been using these poo bags for my dogs for about 1 year now. These are fully compostable as they are corn starch. Don't leave them lying outside though as creepy crawlies do like to eat them. The bags are a good size. They are strong, never had any that burst or leak. They are more expensive than non-biodegradable and even biodegradable bags but these do actually break down in a reasonable amount of time. We have tried other corn starch poo bags that were as good as these but are either half as much again or double the cost. I don't intend on trying to find another brand of poo bag.