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D2w Degradable Freezer Bags - Medium or Large


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  • Oxo-biodegradable, plastic free freezer bags
  • Look and feel just like plastic freezer bags
  • Biodegradable & reusable
  • Available in two sizes

These clever freezer bags from D2w will oxo-biodegrade in the presence of oxygen after their useful life is over. You can use and re-use them for around a year before they're ready to be chucked away.

When they degrade, they leave behind no harmful microplastic shards and simply turn into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.

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Made from oxo-biodegradable plastic, D2w freezer bags can also be recycled with ordinary plastic, so it doesn't matter if they end up in your green bin.

Great value and environmentally friendly too.

Store away from bright sunlight. Compliant with BS8472 and American ASTM D6954.

  • Contents:
  • Medium sold in bundles of 2 x 200 bags. Each bag measures 177 x 225 mm.
  • Large sold in bundles of 2 x 100 bags. Each bag measures 225 x 355 mm.

Customer Reviews

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Good little bags

This is my second order of these food bags. They are nice and strong. A good size. And half the price of the supermarket branded bags that I was buying. Much stronger than the supermarket bags too.

Good product

Sizing is a little odd - the medium seems more like a small to me. But they do the job and are hopefully better for the environment.