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Dosing Pump Dispenser for 5l Bulk Bottles


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  • Reusable 5l pump
  • Compatible with Bio D, Suma and more
  • Prevent waste when refilling plastic bottles

This pump is designed to fit most 5 litre bulk bottles, and will dose the contents in squirts of 30ml each.

Once the bottle is done, remove the pump and attach it to the next bottle.

This pump designed to be reused over and over again with your favourite eco-friendly laundry detergents, hand soaps, shampoos, or household cleaners. We think it makes more sense than buying tiny plastic bottles and chucking them into the recycling bin.

We've tested this pump with Suma and Bio D 5l bottles so far. Anything with the same size opening should fit. If you have any questions, measure the diameter of your bottle opening, and the height of the bottle, and drop us a line to check that the pump will work.

  • Contents: 1 dosing pump for 5ml bottle
  • Packaging: none

Customer Reviews

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Great for refilling my small washing up liquid bottle from the 5l one purchased separately. Only snag was couldn’t seem to stop it dripping after so decided to take it off and store separately.