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Paper Kraft Tape - Self Adhesive - 25mm x 50m

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This narrow paper tape has a natural rubber adhesive. It's as self adhesive, not gummed, so you don't need water to make it stick.

After use, it can be chucked into the recycling bin or onto the compost heap because it is fully biodegradable. Beware paper tapes that have plastic adhesive that are sold as 'eco-friendly'!

This brown self-adhesive paper is the ideal width for small parcels or large presents.

Each roll is 2.5cm wide and 50m long.

Customer Reviews

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This tape was just what I needed for my Christmas wrapping. It worked just like normal tape and looked fantastic with my brown paper. I got two rolls and they are going to last me ages!

Brilliant tape

I bought this tape to package up orders for my own online business and I'm really impressed with the quality. It's easy to cut or rip if you're that way out and it sticks really well. Happily it also lends itself to being written on which can make a nice finishing touch to a parcel. I'll be using this for all my presents too, not just my business packaging.