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Solid Washing Up Soap Bar


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  • Plastic free washing up detergent
  • Vegan
  • Organic & palm oil free
  • Large 230g bar

This plastic free solid washing up bar is made in the UK. It contains organic, plant-based ingredients for powerful yet gentle cleaning of your dishes, without harsh chemicals that can pollute the water supply.

Just rub this solid washing up bar with your usual dishwashing sponge, brush, or cloth to make a lathe. Then wash up as normal. At 230g, this is a pretty large bar of dishwasing soap - around double the size of a typical solid shampoo bar or soap bar. We like to cut it in half to help it to last longer.

Use this solid washing up bar at home in place of washing up liquid, but remember that it's portable too; you can slice off a chunk to take on holiday and avoid the hassle of buying dishwashing detergent while you're away.

Once you're done washing up with this soap bar, you can use the waste water to water your plants. Keep the bar dry between uses (your draining rack is the perfect storage spot) and it'll last longer.

  • Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, naturally occurring glycerin, sodium carbonate, and sodium cocoyl glutamate (derived from coconut oil) - approved by ECOCERT.
  • Packaging: card.