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Recycled Stainless Steel Pint Cups


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  • UK recycled stainless steel 
  • Food grade, non-leaching, non-toxic
  • Lightweight & stackable
  • Ideal for festivals and gigs

Outdoor festivals and gigs offer plastic cups for safety reasons, yet the mess and waste they generate is getting out of control. Glastonbury is one of the first festivals to reduce its plastic waste, but more will follow.

Do you really need a new plastic glass for every pint?

Enter the durable, reusable alternative to plastic: British steel pint glasses, with enough room for a proper 568ml pint. Each cup performs better than plastic, because it's designed to keep your beer cool, and it's much safer than glass as well.

Lightweight and sturdy, these pint cups are made for durability and are ideal for shoving in a rucksack before a camping trip or outdoor gig. Rinse, dry, and they're ready to use again.

Stainless steel pint cups stack inside each other for easy storage and are easy to hold. The steel helps to keep your drink cool. 

Each cup is made from 304L food grade recycled stainless steel in the UK.

The pack of four stainless steel pint glasses comes with a nice cylindrical gift box made from 100% recycled card. If you'd rather buy individual steel beer cups without packaging, we've got those as well.

Note: Never put steel cups in a microwave.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product and service!

I ordered my stainless steel pint cup for a summer festival and I absolutely love it! Not only does mean I am cutting out unnecessary single use plastic but I also had something really lovely to drink out of instead of a flimsy plastic cup! So so happy with both the product and the service.