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Tickle Tots 2 - All in Two Reusable Nappy - Dizzy Ducks

Tickle Tots

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This is the first ever reusable nappy I bought for my daughter, and I accidentally stumbled upon one of the best brands on the market -- in my opinion!

This nappy is a hybrid nappy, or an 'all in two'. Basically, it has a shell for waterproof protection, plus one or two pads that are poppered in.

You can get away with changing just the pads, so you can use the shell a few times before having to wash it again -- providing it was just wet. A quick wipe down is all it needs.

Buying a few spare packs of boosters (the pads that go inside) means you'll be less likely to be without a dry set.

This nappy has no microfibre and microfleece. If you're comparing brands, check this carefully; some nappies labelled 'plastic free' have the potential to shed microplastics, and should be avoided. Tickle Tots, in contrast, make their boosters only from cotton and bamboo.