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New! Zero Waste Christmas Gift Bundles (Plastic Free)

On the lookout for zero waste Christmas gifts? Finding plastic free presents isn’t easy, which is why we decided to bundle up some of our best-sellers for Christmas.

We’ve launched 9 different zero waste Christmas gift bundles so far, and each one will bag you a discount of up to 50%. You can choose from different sustainable items for the home and bathroom, split your gift bundles into separate gifts for a friend, or use some as stocking fillers and keep the rest for yourself!

Gift giving, hassle-free! We think these bundles contain genuinely awesome items that won’t just end up in landfill when Christmas is over.

Here’s a quick rundown of our zero waste Christmas gift bundles. Some of these are super limited, and we only have one or 2 bundles left on the popular kitchen items.

All of these zero waste gift bundles contain your favorite eco-friendly brands and absolutely no plastic packaging.

Zero Waste Christmas Gifts: Kitchen Bundles

Plastic free kitchen bundle- large

This zero waste starter kit for the kitchen is our most popular bundle so far – we sold 2 of the small bundle almost as soon as we listed them on the website! Each pack is stuffed with high quality, affordable plastic free kitchen swaps.

The kitchen bundle is a great option for anyone who wants to move towards a more eco-friendly home in 2021, and it includes some of our most popular items, like the awesome OceanSaver apple cleaning refill.

These definitely won’t end up in the charity shop in January!

Hop to the eco friendly gift bundles here:

Zero Waste Christmas Gifts: Plastic Free Bathroom Bundles

Large plastic free bathroom bundle

Looking for simple zero waste gifts? The bathroom is the easiest place to use plastic free swaps to start your zero waste journey.

We’ve put together a small bundle and a massive jumbo box set of some of our bathroom best-sellers. Both include cotton buds, shampoo, soap, and dental care products in a glass jar.

Check them out here:

Zero Waste Christmas Gifts: Travel Bundle

Plastic Free travel bundle

This pack includes a steel bottle, beeswax-free food wraps, and some other useful travel goodies. This is probably our favorite bundle of zero waste gifts, since you could easily break this up into stocking fillers or Secret Santa presents.

We’ve also popped in a travel soap for body, hair and clothes – the ideal gift for anyone who likes to travel light.

We’ve not got many of these zero waste Christmas gift bundles for travellers. Buy one while you can:

Christmas Paper Tape 2-Pack

Plastic Free Christmas Tape 2-Pack

Sticking bows and sellotape to parcels might be tradition, but it’s a very good example of single use plastic we could easily do without.

EcoBoy recyclable, self-adhesive tape makes it easy to use any kind of paper gift wrap. It’ll stick kraft paper or Christmas gift wrap without foil or plastic. It’s also a nice option to stick down envelopes and fasten cards to parcels.

When the fun’s over, you can chuck this tape into the recycling bin. And if you don’t want to buy a 2-pack, you also have the option of buying red and green paper tape separately.

Check it out here:

Christmas Delivery Info 

Our last order date for Christmas is Sunday 20th December. Get your order in before midnight and we’ll send your items out by tracked postage the next day.

The holiday season is a busy time for posties, so we’ve put a Christmas countdown on our order page to make it easy to see how long you’ve got to buy.

Over Christmas, we’ll do our best to use second hand boxes to send out your items to reduce festive waste. Although old boxes don’t look quite as nice as new ones, we’re all about saving trees, and recycling boxes is a great way to ensure we’re as eco-friendly as possible.

More Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

Bundles not working for you? We have even more sustainable gift ideas in our plastic free Christmas category, including:

  • reusable straws
  • makeup remover pads
  • reusable water bottles
  • reusable coffee cups (and plastic free coffee!)

All online shop orders will be posted out free when you spend £40! 🎄

Zero waste christmas gifts

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